Meditation For Littles


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As a special needs teacher Jess wanted to share the positive side of special needs children and also adults. To not just focus on the difficult side and sometimes scary side of special needs, that people usually see. Always looking at the SPECIAL side.

Jess started Special Seeds on Instagram and Facebook to start sharing her personal thoughts and experiences as well as positive stories and quotes.

During the initial hard lockdown Jess, not working with the children anymore, because online was very difficult, started writing Special Seed Meditations. Her partner Ryan had done previous voice over and dubbing work. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to start recording these stories and posting them for free: Special Seeds Stories was born.

They started doing this together very basically out of both their passions coming together.

The first story guides a child on a special journey and meditation to discover their very own Special Seed and the guidance it offers. The following stories continue the journey and adventures through meditation and inner discovery.

The Special Seed is something the children can create in their own mind and minds eye, forming a very unique and safe guide on inner journeys and meditations.

“We would love to write and record more Special Seeds Stories, for instance, a Chakra journey and adventures through the planets and the Zodiacs. All to expand the minds of children and to show how wonderful breathwork is and how important it is to take time for yourself and turn inwards for knowledge and lovely adventures. “

Finding ways within ourselves for peace and calmness in this ever changing world.

Simply click on the right-hand side dots of player to download for listening at your leisure
Simply click on the right-hand side dots of player to download for listening at your leisure